Stickerclip creates custom iMessage stickers from the contents of the clipboard, letting you copy and paste images from any source.

Make stickers from the clipboard

Select Stickerclip 👇

Paste an image

First, copy an image to the clipboard and paste into Stickerclip

Add a border

Tap the double circle icon to add/remove a white sticker border and shadow. Adding a border will remove animation from some GIFs.

Change size

Use the circles along the right to select between small, medium or large stickers

Getting Images

You can use images from almost any source. Square images with transparent backgrounds work best, but try many options!

Emoji make great stickers lets you rotate and save emoji in 3D

Emojipedia has emoji from a wide variety of sources.

Transparent images

Google Image Search
lets you filter for images with transparent backgrounds that make great stickers.

Animated Gif Search - gifs also work well, but need to be less than 500k in size.

Subject isolation

iOS 16+ lets you isolate images from backgrounds.

This works nicely on many images from the web, as well as AI generated images from Dall•E or Midjourney

See below for more detail.

Emoji sample images, credit


Copying the subject from an image (iOS 16 and above)


Search for an image, preferably with a strong central subject. Press–and–hold an image and select Copy Subject from the menu.

Photos / Files

In the Photos or Files app, press-and-hold the subject, then select Copy.

Using Screenshots*

Press-and-hold the subject and select Copy, Make sure that the edit/markup tools are not active.

* Often, a screenshot is the best way to copy a subject. (Sometimes websites won't let you copy an image directly).

Using Recents

To access recents:

Drag up on the Stickerclip drawer to expand it and show recents


Add the green Recents app from the long list of apps under More. You may have to select Edit to see it. Note, these stickers may be a smaller size.

Need Help?

Having trouble with an image?

Post an issue on the Github page, and include a link to the image. Images larger than 500kb sometimes trip Messages up.

Is the Stickerclip UI blank?

Quit and reopen the Messages app

Want to remove Stickerclip?

This is an iMessage-only extension, so can be removed by going to list of iMessage Apps (at the end of the bar under ••• "More") and then you can swipe to delete it.